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It's been a while...

2011-05-13 06:35:31 by roojames

What? It has!

Unscouted after one day.

2010-08-08 04:25:50 by roojames

So, a few days ago I submitted a piece of art I was incredibly proud of. It took 5 hours to draw and another 2 to edit. It was a monochrome picture of a TYRANT, drawn entirely with my optical mouse, using only a semi-hightened contrast stock image. You can imagine my joy when yesterday I recieved a PM, telling me the picture had gotten me scouted. Now today I bear a straight face once more, for I recieved 2 PMs this morning; one telling me the picture broke some sort of rule and another telling me that because of this, I have become unscouted.

I'm gonna go ahead and quote these rules:

No photographs! We recognize photography as an artistic endeavor, but we're not including it in our Art Portal. You must be the owner and creator of the work you are submitting. Racist or hateful material will be removed. Illegal material will be removed. We try to be tolerant, but reserve the right to draw the line on adult material. In general, funny stuff gets a pass but downright pervert-bate may cross the line

The piece was not a photograph, it was created digitally within Flash 8.

I am the sole owner of the image. I do not, however, own or take credit for the creation of TYRANT, but almost every day I see a drawing of a copyrighted character on the frontpage.

Suffice to say, it was not racist or hateful in any way.

As with the above, the only possible legality issue I can see is the fact I used someone else's character for the drawing, but what's new there?

The drawing was, in no way adult.

I'm not asking for an apology or sympathy; I just want to know what rule out of the above I apparently broke. Sorry if I come across as bitter -- normally I adore Newgrounds -- but I've just woken up, turned on my computer and discovered this, which hasn't started the day well.

Do you get a notification or something? I wanna know because checking my art submissions twice a day to see if it's score-able is seeming rather desperate. Also, how are you supposed to get scouted unless you're popular? I mean, how's someone meant to discover your work if it doesn't show up in the portal? Just wondering.

IT'S ME!!!!!

(High res version here.)

New character announced for SSFIV!!!!

I drew this with you noobs in mind.

Not a complaint, just an observation.

It's Koji Kondo and Shigeru Miyamoto!!!

I drew my heroes on flash with my mouse

Spewer level codes

2009-05-06 10:45:15 by roojames

I just needed a place for my spewer level codes, so I decided to use my blog space.

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New pic

2009-03-16 16:05:46 by roojames

It's Sheva Alomar and Captain Olimar combined, to make Sheva Olimar. Took a day to draw on flash with my mouse. Full size image here

New pic

New logo

2009-02-25 15:06:23 by roojames

In ICT, we have to make our own fictional companies. Mine is called MonoBow (Monochromatic Rainbow), and we sell fire. This is the logo I've gone and made. The animated version can be found here.

New logo

New website out!!!

2009-02-20 10:49:12 by roojames

I've been making a website for the last 3 days and now it's finally done! It's mostly made on Flash MX, with a little bit of html. Click here to see it.